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Notes for agents...


The music content of this Web Site is delivered by Streaming Audio and is MP3 quality. There are several clips playable 1. from index page (Click on guitar) or 2. latest recordings page which runs automatically from Sound Cloud  (Try now)  3. Browse the Music page in the Banner for CD information and further audio.  

MP3 Files are available and can be up loaded to you containing any song in the Roger Allen Sound repertoire.     This means you can send music to any client who is interested in the services of the Roger Allen Sound. Recordings can be made specially for you, giving the flexibility of supplying files cheaply and of the type that would  interest your Clients.

You can also keep CD quality MP3 files on your computer for future use and because of this wonderful world we live in, the music can be anywhere in the world with a picture within half an hour or less.

You can also request a copy of any song you feel you need for marketing on a CD, ready to play, taken from The Roger Allen sound files, these are recorded specially for your use.  Telephone, Email or Fax if you need help, after all you are in the front line and any backup that can be given will be mutually beneficial.

If you Like the Site please sign the VISITORS BOOK I will be pleased to hear from you.  Meanwhile  have a good day!

Best Regards

Roger Allen


Further information at Last Minute Musicians - Click URL below or paste URL into Browser