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General Pictures

Date Last Edited September 04, 2017



This is an oldie an early trio with Dave Hesketh Bass-Peter Reynolds Drums, and me on Guitar it was a Gibson 345 Stereo we did a lot of work in those days.


Pictured around 1967

Above: outward bound Leaving Calais with a "Twang Thang

Above: Interview in France for French TV


Above:  The Barge at Watten France, where

many of my recordings were made

Date last edited-04/09/2017

Playing on Brittany Ferries Circa 1997

Left: Feeling pleased with three CD's very much in characteristic style CD1 - All of me. CD2 - Just a chunk of wood. CD3  - Walk right Back.

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In Australia

the day I became a fully fledged Mason

Below: Rachel Gerrard and Roger 

at Weston Manor Hotel



My old Friend Dave Hesketh with trusty Bass Guitar it's good to say he is still around; still blaming me for his bad habits, however, that is a story on it's own


Picture dated around 1967

With Les Paul in New York

Rachel Gerrard at Deco 5  Feb 2009



Above: Rachel Gerrard and me

 a fine vocalist now freelance

Above: Me with two of Les Paul's Musos Lou Palo rhythm - lead guitar and Bass player Paul Nowinski at the Iridium Jazz Club New York - two great musicians

Left: Les Paul and Me at the Iridium Jazz Club New York - my last visit

Gigging at the Louis Armstrong Dover



Good Friend and dedicated player Steve Harding and myself at the Ancient Raj Canterbury.

This is my award medal from the FICS an international annual competition in the category of creative music and also Grand Prix winner for the year 2013 

NO! this is not a photo of me. I was born 92 years later, however he (Charles Cros) and I had a passion for sound recording, Charles Cros or Émile-Hortensius-Charles Cros (October 1, 1842 – August 9, 1888) was a French poet and inventor. He was born in Fabrezan, Aude, France, 35 km to the East of Carcassonne. and made a huge contribution to recording sound.

Federation Internationale Des Chasseurs de Sons

Grand Prix Award GP Audio CIMES 2013